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Skaun and Svartlamoen

Skaun and Trondheim, Norway

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In Norway, the historical wooden houses of Trondheim city and in the neighboring Skaun municipality Trøndelag county will be WoodiSH sites. Trondheim city and Skaun municipality have a significant number of examples of historical as well as relatively modern wooden houses, such as farms, wharves, and residential houses. There is an ongoing public debate on usage and preservation of the historical and old wooden houses in non-touristic (therefore less cared for) parts of the city and municipality. There are already existing good practices of collaboration between the inhabitants, scholars and planners, which are carried out by research and conservation centers and museums, who are involved as WoodiSH associate partners and experts. 

The levels of protection and heritage status vary significantly in the considered area, from highly protected houses to those without any protection. Another challenge of the wooden habitats is related to the social factor. Sometimes the occurring maintenance or repairs of the houses do not relate to their history; residents do not use original materials, techniques and building approaches. Another social opportunity as well as risk is the large student population of Trondheim. Interested in cheaper rents, students find accommodation in the wooden houses. At the same time these temporary residents are not the best house-keepers, who lack place attachment and costs for house maintenance. Gentrification process also puts historical wooden housing in danger of destruction. Due to the city-oriented migration, there are abandoned and rapidly dilapidating houses in the non-urban areas. All these factors generate different opportunities and risks for the wooden houses dependent on the house owners and renters.  

Woodish would address the wooden housing in Skaun, a municipality south west of the Trondheim area. The residential houses in Skaun are parts of the old farms territory of the late 19th century. 

In the city of Trondheim WoodiSH team plans to consider Svartlamoen district east of the center of Trondheim that is bounded by Strandveien to the north, the railway line to the south and the industry on Reina to the east. In the late 19th century it became the area of working class housing. At the moment, the territory undergoes cultural and housing experiments.


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