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wooden neighborhood, Vilnius, Lithuania

Копия Snipiskes-everyday2.jpg


In Vilnius, the historical neighborhood of  Šnipiškės has been endangered by rapid redevelopment pressure because of its central location. As a historical suburb it was already known in the XVI century because of its workshops and craftsmanship. The territory was rich with clay and gravel, so bricks, tiles, and ceramic elements for smoking pipes were produced here. Nowadays, some workshops for fixing clocks, boots and clothes, even music instruments, can still be found here.

Ethnically, Šnipiškės used to be a diverse district, and the oldest residents still remember that on the streets you could hear Yiddish language. The district witnessed a dramatic depopulation during and after World War II.

Nowadays, a small part of the district still preserves a suburban character – wooden houses with small gardens and a slower lifestyle. The green spaces by the wooden houses create favorable conditions for biodiversity to thrive – bats, hedgehogs, weasels, birds and a variety of insects are usual guests here.


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